Over 10 years of professional experience
We have been specialized in PCR tires, especially for Off-Road tires for decades, with rich experience in product design and marketing.


Global markets
Customers Served in More than 110 Countries.We’re strongly promoting UltraForce in the global market. Sincerely looking forward to your joining and develop business together!


Product lineup
Tire sizes from “14” to “22", from summer tires to all season tires and winter tires meet your various needs.More than 80 production lines with huge production capacity.


Customer service
We have more than 200 customers,are at the heart of everything we do. We consider it as our top primary mission to provide satisfactory tires, and prompt, objective responses, and solutions at the earliest opportunity.
About Us

Off-Road Tire, PCR/Car Tire manufacturer and supplier

UltraForce Tires is a professional designer and manufacturer of off-road tires and passenger tires with decades of experience in product development and global export. Rooted in excellence, UltraForce Tires is dedicated to providing every consumer and enthusiast with tires that excel in performance, durability and superior traction. Our goal is to deliver an outstanding driving experience for ‘U’(you mean a lot to us), creating tires that excel in various road conditions, not only meet your daily driving performance needs but also stand as the ultimate companions for your off-road adventures.

Very stylish and aggressive look.

More wider tread and more squared shoulder design.

Sidewall protector enhance off-road durability.

Professional production equipment and workshops make us have a very strong product manufacturing capability and technical strength, so that a short production cycle and fast delivery.

We’re certified M+S, CCC, GCC, ECE, R117, INMETRO, SASO and a series of certification. We also have Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake qualified for snow conditions.

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We are a leading Off-Road Tire manufacturer in China.

At UltraForce Tires, we pride ourselves on being a leading designer and manufacturer of off-road tires. Known throughout China and beyond for our expertise, our tire factory's unique strength lies in our specialization in off-road tires. Our commitment to quality and innovation drives us to produce tires that meet the highest standards of performance and durability. Each tire is crafted with precision, designed to tackle the most challenging terrains while ensuring safety and reliability for our customers. We understand the demands of off-road enthusiasts and professionals alike, which is why we continuously invest in advanced technology and research to develop tires that excel in various off-road conditions. From rugged mountains to muddy trails, our tires are engineered to provide superior traction, control, and endurance.

Why Choose Us!

For 12 years, off-road tire factory in China.

UltraForce Tires, a leading off-road tire manufacturer in China, has been operating for 12 years, providing durable and high-performance tires for a range of off-road vehicles. With a focus on quality and innovation, UltraForce Tires has built a reputation for producing tires that can handle the toughest terrains, ensuring safety and reliability for drivers in challenging environments. The company's commitment to excellence has made it a trusted choice for off-road enthusiasts worldwide.


Designed for stylish and functionality


On time delivery


Satisfaction Guaranteed


Best support and service
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We custom off-road tire manufacturer and supplier

UltraForce Tires, a renowned custom off-road tire manufacturer and supplier, specializes in crafting tires tailored to meet the unique needs of off-road enthusiasts. With years of experience and expertise, UltraForce offers innovative and robust tire solutions, ensuring smooth and safe driving on any terrain. The company's dedication to quality and customization has made it a preferred choice for off-road enthusiasts around the world.

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We are PCR/Car tire manufacturer and supplier

UltraForce Tires, a trusted manufacturer and supplier of PCR/Car tires, prides itself on delivering superior quality and performance for everyday driving. With a focus on innovation and reliability, UltraForce offers a range of tires designed to meet the diverse needs of drivers, from city commutes to highway cruising. The company's commitment to excellence ensures a safe and comfortable ride, making UltraForce Tires a top choice for car owners.

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