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Triangle Tyre Cuba held product launches
2014-12-24 11:01:36
Recently, with the help of the Cuban Ministry of Commerce under the company's tyre product launches Triangle Group was held in Cuba, which is the first tyre manufacturer to organize such promotion activities in Cuba.
Promotion conference, executive director of Delta's global center of trade and market network construction Sun Shumin from the company's brand, philosophy, market network construction, manufacturing and product development, etc., to the participants of the Cuban business friends full description of the triangle companies. Company R & D center personnel to carry out the full range of the triangle product presentation and customer focus to introduce a series of new products for the Cuban market. In the seminar, the corporate officers arrived at the scene of more than 30 clients and had a very good interaction, to better understand the needs of the market. Promotion will increase the Triangle Group and Triangle brand awareness in the Cuban market, laying the foundation for the further promotion of the triangle product market in Cuba.