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How to buy tyres?
2014-12-26 17:31:11
Learn the basics of tyres, only the first step, the next step is to consider how to buy tyres for their car, and in the selection, in addition to the need to understand their own car tyre specifications, but also pay attention to the following aspects.
First priority for the original tyres, original tyres are best suit the vehicle speed and the car's maximum load, so in theory, should be a priority in the replacement tyre.
Secondly, note the tread, the tyre tread on the car, in addition to play an aesthetic effect, also have a great impact on the performance of the tyre. Often in Shenzhen moving car, you should select those relatively good drainage pattern of the tyre, such as a regular small block pattern; and require cross-country and long distances car, you can choose a large block patterns.
Finally, if you are not satisfied with the handling of the original vehicle, consider replacing the lower-profile tyres, for many models, one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance and drivability of the vehicle is to replace the low-profile tyres. Each tyre has a style of their particular function, so when choosing tyres should ask what kind of styles of tyres for how driving habits, so that when the car driving safer, the money spent on the tyre and more worth it.
When buying a tyre, do not just look at the price, you should consult the professionals, they will help you accurately with a good proper tyres.
When choosing tyres, but also pay attention, do not put a mixture of different types of tyres, for example, are more suitable to be used off-road vehicle tyres, and general car tyres together, or the orientation of car tyres and general tyre wheel mix.
Of course, should be avoided in the purchase retreaded tyres, especially those in Shenzhen street shops will often sell some shoddy retreaded tyres, consumers in the purchase must pay attention to. Identification of retreaded tyres is simple: The most common is to observe the color and luster of the tyre, retread tyres after the color and luster are relatively dim, so the tyres do not run into this blindly buy.
Professional chef is to identify those signs by tyre tyre, car tyres have some protruding signs with models and performance of the tyre, which is to identify retread tyres breaking point. Renovated after the tyres are refurbished sign posted up again, which is a sign of new tyres and tyre body, identification method is to use a fingernail scratching these signs, these signs are generally posted retreaded tyres was not very tight can catch out of the retreaded tyres will be no doubt.
In recent years, the development trend of foreign car tyres is increasing use of large width, large inner diameter and low profile tyres. At present, domestic car uses more or small width, small inner diameter and high aspect ratio tyres. Due to the high profile tyres sidewall long buffering capacity, relatively high comfort, but the feeling on the road is poor, weak lateral resistance when turning. Conversely, a low aspect ratio, a large inner diameter of the tyre, because of the shorter sidewall, tread wide. So the ground area, tyre pressure can also large, on the road reaction is very sensitive, strong lateral resistance when turning, so greatly enhance vehicle handling. Domestic production of cars in use than the largest flat tyres are 225 / 55R16, while many imported luxury cars or sports coupe tyres can reach 225 / 45R17, and even some reach 245 / 40R18. Vehicle assembly large width, large diameter, low profile tyres, in addition to handling strong, visual effects also gives a very mighty feeling. Generally, when the vehicle is equipped with a tyre factory specifications of the manufacturers are the best choice after repeated testing. If the owners want to change the tyre size must be under the guidance of professional staff, not arbitrary and, because it involves a lot of questions, a little neglect may cause harm to traffic safety. In addition, lower than the flat tyre will become more "delicate" some, should be more attention and care during use.