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Check the method of self-test tires car tires 6 attention
2015-02-03 17:02:48
Car tire as "feet", usually the main man has been quietly serving, but it is such a critical part of the easiest being "cold", today we teach you a few precautions self-test tires.
Tie hole:
Your car tires were slashed before? If so, is a matter of how long ago it? In fact, for a car tire has finished up, even temporarily, no problem with it, in the limit of endurance under load will be watered down. In addition, if on the same tires have been slashed three more holes, or as soon as the tire is recommended that you replace it.
Drum kits:
Pits passing car at high speed, and when obstacles along the road, the tire will occur locally in the huge impact force severely deformed, the internal pressure increases instantaneously, so a direct consequence of that is causing the tire bulge. Drum kit has happened tires must be replaced immediately, otherwise there is a risk of a puncture.
In general, a normal family car can use every 60,000 km or two years to replace a tire, but the tire tread wear should seriously early replacement. The repair shop now has a tread wear ruler, the owner can buy a ready test their tire tread wear. In addition, the increase is tire tread crack serious signs of aging, usually the owner can appropriate protective wax spray some tires, there is pressure to try not corrosive liquid while driving.
For the first drive for the engine, transmission and other important drive components are pressed at the front, so the front sometimes look a little deflated. Visual inspection is not accurate, be sure to use a dedicated tire pressure meter to measure tire pressure is normal.
Some owners will often hear their car will beep when traveling, but with it, it is no fault, then you must check is not a pebble stuck in the tire tread in the. In fact, usually just taking the time to tread the lines with the key inside the stone tablets dug these can be resolved.
Spare tire:
To spare to play a real role in emergency response, usually have to pay attention to their maintenance. First, we must always check the spare tire pressure; secondly, to pay attention to anti-oil eclipse spare tire rubber products, various oil afraid of being eroded. Tire soon after contaminated with oil expansion eclipse, which will greatly reduce the life of the tire; finally, the spare tire around the life of four years, many owners mistakenly believe that it has no spare tire is new, in fact, over the four once a year even if there is no spare tire used also need to be replaced, otherwise it becomes scrap spare tire.