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All steel Truck tyres

All steel Truck tyres
All steel Truck tyres



All steel Truck tyres

1)Truck tyres for 11R22.5 11R24.5 
2)Delivery:7-15 days 
3)Very competitive Price 
4).Excellent traction and stabilit


2015 Hot New Tyre 11R22.5 11R24.5 Truck Tyre

Product Description:



·Good abrasion and puncture resistance;


·Good loading capability;


·Good grasping performance;


·Good tyre suitable for rough and high way;                   

Tyre advantage

Our tyre have gained the ISO9001,ISO14001,3C,DOT,ECE,GCC,INMETRO,BIS certificates etc. Our Tires had been comprehensive used around the world and they are being exported to Canada,  Russia, SouthAfrica, Brazil, Pakistan, U.A.E, Iran and many other countries.


Pattern No.:LM115 LM116 LM120 LM211 LM216 LM218 LM305 LM516 LM518 LM528


10R22.5/14 LM118 350
11R22.5/16 LM115 272
11R22.5/16 LM116 272
11R22.5/14 LM120 272
11R22.5/16 LM210 272
11R22.5/16 LM211 272
11R22.5/16 LM216 272
11R22.5/16 LM218 272
11R22.5/16 LM305 272
11R22.5/16 LM516 272
11R22.5/16 LM518 272
11R22.5/16 LM528 272
11R24.5/16 LM110 258
11R24.5/16 LM116 258
11R24.5/14 LM120 258
11R24.5/16 LM210 258
11R24.5/16 LM211 258
11R24.5/16 LM216 258
11R24.5/16 LM306 258
11R24.5/16 LM516 258
11R24.5/16 LM518 258
11R24.5/16 LM528 258